About Us

We believe eating well at home should be an experience. It should be exciting, delicious and affordable. Let’s recreate a different eating experience at home and bring gourmet back to the table! With a focus on locally sourced products, we take the guesswork out of serving up delicious food.

We have partnered with some of the finest local food producers to bring you food free from artificial colours, flavours and a whole bunch of nasties. This gives you the chance to reconnect with the more important things in life and make your home eating experience fun again.

A gourmet experience can be expensive but it doesn t have to be

EatGood Boxes are designed to fit your life.

A gourmet experience can be expensive…but it doesn’t have to be. EatGood Boxes are designed to fit your life, your way.

If you’re ready to stock your fridge, freezer and pantry with no-nasties, affordable, better for you food, you’re in luck!