Mrs Trans Kitchen

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Mrs. Tran’s story originated in the busy streets of Cholon (Ho Chi Minh City’s Chinatown); home to the smorgasbord of Asian flavours that now graces the world’s culinary stage. Mrs. Tran is never far from her humble kitchen, meticulously preparing raw ingredients to create traditional family dishes for sharing amongst family and friends.

Mrs. Tran began to notice a decline in food production standards within Asian pantry goods. Many factories were engaging in harmful food preparation standards: companies were using harmful chemicals, inaccurate labelling practices, concealing allergenic ingredients and producing food in non-certified factories.

In 2012, they decided to take a stand. Mrs. Tran’s Kitchen is vigilant about the factories they employ and only works with manufacturers who share their vision for a cleaner and safer food industry.

In response to this, we have designed a range of products that is easy to prepare and caters to any clients’ dietary requirements, whilst staying true to the authentic Asian flavours.

Our products are:

- 100% Natural

- Have Authentic Asian Flavours

- Responsibily Sourced